Suzuki sx4 recall 2019

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    Suzuki SX4

    Advanced search. Verdict 2. Carbuyer rating Rating. Steven Kimberley from Stoke On Trent. I would recommend this car to a friend. Year of registration. Average annual mileage. Typical MPG. Owned for. Bought car. A bargain like that is too good to ignore, so despite having never considered one and knowing nothing about it, my wife and I took a test drive and loved it.

    We have a 2-year old and a baby on the way so space is important. We like the driving position, the room in the cabin, the sunroof headroom is irrelevant with a baby in the back and the amount of kit for the money. The heated seats could melt bone and the touch screen whilst looking a bit aftermarket is a breeze to use. We don't need a diesel engine for the tiny mileage the second car does or 4WD. Fuel economy is hovering around 43mpg despite only doing about 25 miles a week in traffic. It went up to 48 on a run to South Wales the week after we had it, which I was more than happy with as it was loaded to the gills.

    The Suzuki is ideal if you want a car to be a car. By that I mean it has no pretense, it isn't pretending to be anything it's not. It has no badge or image to speak of, it's just a solid, comfy, well equipped and well priced car. It's also surprisingly good fun to drive. I also love the fact it's a rare sight on the roads, unlike the countless Qashqais, Sportages and Yetis you see every day.

    I would recommend one in a heartbeat if you're thinking of buying one. No gripes so far.

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    Having just run it in and only now being able to use all the revs I would say it's more than adequate. I'm used to a bhp 3. Again, light weight helps it feel more sprightly than you'd expect. Just be prepared to rev it if you want to get a move on.

    Can't argue with the fuel economy and the tyres and brakes are modest. Light weight helps here too, it will probably never wear its tyres and brakes out while we've got it.Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. Search Box. Click an item below to check for product recall information that might be for your Suzuki. According to our records, you own one of the vehicles affected by this recall. View Download. Special Warranty Extension. Certain — Suzuki SX4 vehicles could experience possible seizure of power steering pump increasing steering effort and risk of crash.

    Replacement of steering pump assembly is necessary.


    All — Suzuki Kizashi vehicles and certain Suzuki Kizashi vehicles may develop a restriction in the evaporative emissions air vent line. The Shift Select Lever lock mechanism becomes disabled when excessive force is applied to it.

    suzuki sx4 recall 2019

    Certain — Suzuki Forenza and certain Suzuki Reno vehicles may generate heat in Headlamp Switch or DRL Module located on or near the left side of the steering column, which could melt the switch or module.

    Certain Suzuki Grand Vitara and Suzuki SX4 vehiclesmay develop an electrical circuit disconnection within the front passenger sensing system sensor mat that is built into thefront passenger seat bottom cushion. No other DTC qualifies for the coverage extension. Tire Info. Inspect and repair wire harness if necessary and retorque seat belt lower anchor bolts.To verify if any service campaign or recall work is outstanding on your vehicle simply use the form below.

    Please be aware that this service is not available for vehicles registered in the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey. Please make sure that any data you provide is accurate. Personalised number plates can affect the accuracy of the confirmation provided.

    Vehicles imported from outside the UK or registered in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands can not be validated, please contact your local authorised Suzuki Dealer. Be aware that recall information changes regularly.

    suzuki sx4 recall 2019

    Our recall checker is intended as a guide only and you should not rely on it to make decisions about the status of vehicle recall.

    Please contact your local authorised Suzuki dealer for further information or to obtain the most accurate recall confirmation for your vehicle. In the event of a safety recall, Suzuki GB PLC will always write to the registered keeper using the information held by the relevant registration authorities.

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    VIN or Registration. Check for Recalls Dealer Locator.Suzuki is recalling certain Suzuki SX4 vehicles due to potential seizing of the power steering pump.

    Suzuki SX4

    The potential number of units affected is 18, According to the NHTSA Safety Recall Reportunder cold start conditions in cold weather conditions, the power steering pump internal pressure may rise, resulting in seizure of the pump. Seizure of the power steering pump can result in a sudden loss of steering assist, increasing the risk of a crash.

    SMC collected the PS pump from the Canadian distributor and asked the supplier to investigate the failure. The following investigation results confirmed that there was seizure of the cartridge sliding surface inside the PS pump. It was identified that for the VS recall countermeasure PS pump, the lower limit of the spool clearance value was changed and SMC could not identify the reason why the cartridge sliding surface seized.

    SMC subsequently received a second, third and fourth FTIRs from its Canadian distributor with more or less the same results and no ability to identify what cartridge sliding surfaces seized.

    SMC confirmed that all of the vehicles involved had the VS recall correction. SMC began to coordinate with a supplier of competing PS pumps to request an evaluation test of the VS recall countermeasure PS pump, but despite low temperature accelerated tests of the VS recall countermeasure PS pump the cause of the PS pump seizure could not be identified.

    SMC is still working to identify the root cause of the PS pump failures, and to determine a recall countermeasure. The remedy for this recall is still under development. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact Suzuki customer service at Suzuki is recalling certain Suzuki Kizashi vehicles, due to potential fuel tank cracking.

    The potential number of units affected is 21, According to the NHTSA Recall Safety Reportwhen driving on very dusty roads, a large amount of dust can enter the vent line that provides fresh air to the carbon canister, causing a restriction in the vent line. If this occurs, air flow through the evaporative system may be impacted such that excessive negative pressure is created in the fuel tank. This can cause deformation of the fuel tank, which can lead to fuel tank cracks.

    If the fuel tank becomes cracked, fuel leakage and venting of gasoline vapors can occur, increasing the risk of a fire. Drivers may have some warning a crack has occurred; when the fuel tank becomes cracked, a pressure sensor will detect fuel vapor leakage and will illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp MILalerting the driver to seek corrective action.

    Both incidents occurred in Wichita, Kansas. SMC was unable to find the route of sand entry or the root cause of the problem. From March to June, SMC installed collected parts on a test vehicle and measured internal fuel tank pressure changes using simulated driving modes, and conducted a fuel tank durability test to determine that the fuel tank crack occurred at about 34, miles, but also showed thatmiles of driving was needed to replicate the sand accumulation seen in the incident vehicles.

    In April, SMC operated test vehicles in Wichita to evaluate the sand accumulation volume in the canister filter and checked customer vehicles selected at random and judged that the problem of filter clogging was due to driving on rough roads with fine dust like sand. From June to July,SMC studied computer simulations to find the route of sand entry and noticed that the volume of sand entering this area could be reduced by plugging space between the rear fender lining and the wheel housing.

    SMC decided to make trial parts to cover this space and to conduct further testing in the U. On October 25, SMC reported the identified problem as a safety-related defect, even though the reported incidents were clustered around discrete geographical areas and there remain no clear indications of the root cause or an appropriate remedy. Suzuki Motor Company of America has recalled almost vehicles due to shift shafts.

    The recall impacts Grand Vitara sport utility vehicles with manual transmissions produced between June and Octoberaccording to documentation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Defect The affected models include gearshift rear shafts — fixtures responsible for the shift lever to the transmission — that are prone to breakage due to defective materials. Shifters can snap during normal operational movements, especially when maneuvered right-to-left or left-to-right repeatedly.

    This poses serious risks for customers, as it prevents them from changing gears while driving, increasing the risk of a traffic accident. No injuries have been linked to this defect as yet…. The Defect According to the NHTSA Safety Recall Reportunder cold start conditions in cold weather conditions, the power steering pump internal pressure may rise, resulting in seizure of the pump. The Solution The remedy for this recall is still under development.Meski bentuknya sangat berbeda dengan saudaranya, sesungguhnya SX4 berbagi basis dan penggerak yang sama dengan Swift, termasuk dengan mesin 1.

    Tapi, tenaga mesin yang tadinya dk di Jepang diturunkan menjadi dk, lantaran disesuaikan dengan kondisi bahan bakar di Tanah Air. Terlebih, konsumen di Indonesia tetap memerlukan kendaraan yang masih mampu mengonsumsi bensin Premium. Namun, hal itu tak menyurutkan animo konsumen untuk membelinya. Meskipun dirakit di dalam negeri, tapi tak ada penurunan kualitas sama sekali.

    Bahkan, rem belakang yang tadinya masih menggunakan tromol, diganti dengan model cakram. Oleh karena itu, Suzuki menghentikan produksinya pada awal Sementara untuk Crossover, produksinya baru berakhir pada pertengahan lalu. Model ini langsung mengalami penyegaran di akhir sebagai New SX4 S-Cross, kendaraan yang stylish, premium dan tangguh.

    Kesan premium dan stylish begitu terasa melalui design new chrome grille yang dengan tegas berpadu bersama LED projector headlamp. Suzuki SX4 memiliki fitur yang makin mumpuni dan bervariasi dengan inovasi dan teknologi terkini Suzuki.

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    Suzuki SX4 mengusung tipe mesin yang sama dengan Suzuki Swift. Mesinnya memiliki kode M15A berkapasitas 1. Tenaga yang mampu dihasilkan sebesar PS pada 6. Untuk transmisinya, SX4 disodorkan dalam pilihan transmisi manual 5 percepatan dan otomatis 6 percepatan.

    Suzuki SX4 memiliki fitur hiburan dan kenyamanan yang makin melimpah sekaligus membantu pengendaraan mobil di berbagai medan.

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    Fitur keamanan Suzuki SX4 bakal menjamin keamanan pengemudi dan penumpang secara maksimal baik ketika berkendara di situasi normal maupun dalam situasi cuaca buruk dan kondisi mengemudi berat lainnya.

    Memasuki area kabin, nuansa elegan dan mewah langsung menyapa. Meski begitu, aura sebagai mobil yang sporti juga tetap dipertahankan. SX4 memang tak di desain sebagai kendaraan keluarga, tapi kabinnya dibuat senyaman mungkin seperti layaknya sedan. Selain itu, area kabin SX4 cukup lega dan memiliki kapasitas bagasi yang cukup luas untuk menampung banyak barang.

    Selain lebih sporti, unsur elegan pada desain barunya tidak hilang. Selain itu, karena memiliki ground clearance yang tinggi, SX4 sanggup dipacu dalam segala kondisi jalan.

    Pilihan warna Suzuki SX4 terbaru makin atraktif dengan munculnya warna-warna yang tidak ada di generasi sebelumnya. Untuk melawan Suzuki SX4, pabrikan lain sebenarnya tak memiliki model yang persis sama dengan mobil kompak inovasi Suzuki ini. Harga Suzuki SX4 di Indonesia. Maaf, sepertinya ada sedikit kendala pada permintaan OTP Anda.

    Silakan verifikasi nomor Anda lagi pada kunjungan selanjutnya ke www. Belum mendapatkan kode OTP? Tunggu detik Permintaan OTP baru.

    Define your destination.

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    You still haven't turned off your adblocker or whitelisted our site. It only takes a few seconds. Suzuki recalls nearly 61k SX4s and Kizashis for shifting out of Park. Noah Joseph. Share 0 Comments. Suzuki has discovered an issue with the gearshift lever on some of its vehicles, and has issued a recall in coordination with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to address the problem.

    The issue affects the the SX4 and Kizashi models fitted with automatic transmissions manufactured between specific dates in to In the affected vehicles, the shifter could slide out of the Park position without the brake pedal being depressed, which needless to say could lead to the vehicle unexpectedly rolling away.

    All told, the recall affects an estimated 60, vehicles, the owners of which can expect to head from the manufacturer to bring their Suzukis in to their local dealership to have the shift selector assembly replaced entirely, starting January Since Suzuki no longer sells new cars in the US, owners looking for dealers and authorized service points are advised to check out the company's service provider website tool here.

    Show full PR text. Suzuki is recalling certain model year SX4 vehicles manufactured July 16,to November 1,and Kizashi vehicles manufactured October 13,to October 31, The shift selector can be moved out of the "Park" position without depressing the brake pedal.

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    The recall is expected to begin January 19, Owners may contact Suzuki customer service at Suzuki's number for this recall is VL. Featured Gallery Suzuki Kizashi Sport. Sign in to post. X Sign in to post Please sign in to leave a comment. Latest Recalls. FCA to recallvehicles for faulty backup camera software. View More.

    Thank You Thanks for subscribing. Check your in-box to get started.April 21, — Suzuki is recalling two million vehicles in Japan after investigators discovered the automaker falsified fuel economy data, used uncertified workers for final vehicle inspections and failed to perform necessary inspections of the braking systems. Suzuki says there is no evidence any of the affected vehicles were exported to the U.

    InSuzuki announced it found problems with more than two million vehicles that suffered from unintentional problems related to fuel economy estimates. The recall may include as many as 25 models although Suzuki didn't say which ones are affected. The automaker also said at the time there were no plans to recall any of the vehicles. Suzuki now says workers certified vehicles even though they didn't pass Japanese vehicle safety standards.

    suzuki sx4 recall 2019

    And it wasn't just Suzuki's vehicles affected by the fraud as the automaker says the recall includes components manufactured by Suzuki for Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan. Japanese regulators say they are concerned about Suzuki's lackluster attitude toward Japanese regulations, but Suzuki says it will hold executives responsible for the mess and cut their pay in an effort to ensure future vehicles are in compliance with Japan's laws. Additionally, production lines will be slowed up to 5 percent so the cars undergo accurate and legal inspections.

    It's another setback for a Japanese automaker that got caught up in the aftermath of Volkswagen's emissions sins. Thanks to VW and its emissions scandal, regulators in various countries asked automakers to prove they were in compliance.

    Caught up in the mess are Nissan employees who falsified documentsSubaru and its falsified inspectionsBMW and Porsche and their falsified documents and Mitsubishi and its admission of falsifying fuel economy data. Suzuki is accused of falsifying fuel economy data and final inspections for Japanese vehicles.


    Suzuki sx4 recall 2019

    Suzuki's continuously variable transmissions CVT are running hot and entering temperature protection control, a fail-safe mode that slows the vehicle's speed and ability to accelerate.

    CVTs are designed to take the performance and efficiency of a manual transmission, and blend it with the convenience of an automatic. Resistors are soldered onto lead frames in the CVT module and then mounted on internal boards. The soldering helps protect the resistors from heat stress. When the resistors are left unprotected, stress cracks can form.

    From CarComplaints. Formation of this film on the lead frames in soldering locations caused the resistors to have unsoldered areas. Javascript is required to watch this video on our site, but you can try watching it on YouTube instead. Free Vehicle Alerts. Scott McCracken is a writer and analyst for CarComplaints. He is in charge of the site's alert systemwhich notifies subscribers about recalls, investigations, lawsuits, and other news about their specific vehicle for free. Follow carcomplaints.

    Major class action law firms use this data when researching cases. Add a Complaint. Notify the CAS. Their focus is on safety-related issues.

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    suzuki sx4 recall 2019

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    Information requested may include contact information (such as name, correspondence address and telephone number), and demographic information (such as zip or postal code or age). By accepting any contest prize or winnings from us, you consent to use of your name for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation, except where prohibited by law. Unless you have elected not to receive promotional information, we may also use your Personal Information (including your email address and phone number) to provide you with information regarding our products, services and promotions, including other gaming products (including online poker, casino, betting, backgammon) and products and services from third parties carefully selected by us.

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    If, in our sole determination, you are found to have cheated or attempted to defraud us, the companyor any other user of the services in any way including but not limited to game manipulation or payment fraud, or if we suspect you of fraudulent payment, including use of stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity (including any chargeback or other reversal of a payment) or prohibited transaction (including money laundering), we reserve the right to share this information (together with your identity) with other online gaming sites, banks, credit card companies, appropriate agencies and relevant authorities.

    If requested, we will (1) update any information you have provided to us, in case you prove the necessity for such changes or (2) mark any information to prohibit future use for marketing purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Privacy Policy shall prevent us from retaining your Personal Information where we are required to do so by law. When accessing our services, we may store information on your device.

    This information is referred to as cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit online pages that record your preferences. They allow us to remember things about your visits across our sites.

    Suzuki Auto

    Neither cookies nor flash cookies can be used to access or use other information on your computer. We only use these methods to track your use of our services. We use flash cookies and third party cookies to help us show you more relevant and desirable advertisements.

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