E90 combox retrofit coding

    thank for the help this question, now..

    Remember Me? Can I double check this is the correct coding procedure? Also add new age of ? What can I use and what is the process? Thank you. Appreciate 0. Anyone able to help? First Lieutenant. I am not sure date will work. Thank you, any more views on this? How did this go for you? Did you need to install an FSC code? I am getting ready to install combox on my LCI with factory CIC and while the coding of the combox looks straight forward I am not sure where in the process the FSC comes into play.

    It worked perfectly, no FSC was needed. Second Lieutenant. Originally Posted by jon-vt.

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    Appreciate 2. DaZuc Private First Class.

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    Last edited by kaputme; at PM. Any ideas? I have been successfully able to use this setup to code modules but just not working to change the VO. I have tried completely re-setting up my coding PC running it in a VM. Right now I am using a setup from following this guide.

    Any help appreciated. I now have working bluetooth audio streaming.

    e90 combox retrofit coding

    The last part of this is that I'd like to get text messages on the nav. I've read it should work with Android. I have don't a lot of searching and I can't seem to find info on a.

    Are the tools out there to generate a 9c fsc or is the best plan still to buy one from somebody? Any pointers? Appreciate 1. BluewateriT As far as 9C for FSC, dont think that there is a "free" generator to make a certs. Originally Posted by ramez I just did this retrofit. Can you help my understand a couple of things? What does this mean?Well its a good idea because with CIC you will be getting quite modern setup even by today standards:.

    As you can see with CIC navi unit, you will be getting pretty much current standards of multimedia in your car for a luxury car. So is it worth it? I will try to be as short as possible, so not to scare you from doing it.

    CCC Idrive controller is better quality and much stronger vs newer one and looks nicer and does not squeak and lasts forever, though newer one has lots of shortcuts not very important and you will need to buy extra bezel and spend extra some hours. Repin Idrive controller connector to support newer controller 4 pins only. CIC will not let you use navigation menu otherwise by default CIC only works with one car vin number and of course it will not match your car.

    Located in the trunk in the spare tire area. Remove pins from 54 pin TCU module connector and repin them into 26 pin Combox connector according to this diagram click to enlarge :. Your email address will not be published. Yes actual internet so you can really browse pages As you can see with CIC navi unit, you will be getting pretty much current standards of multimedia in your car for a luxury car. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.BMW continues to show that it sets the bar for true driving performance!

    View My Garage. I've seen so many posts about a combox retrofit, with most of them being not very helpful to the DIY'er who just wants clear information so they can make the decision to do it themselves or if someone else should do it for them. This means several things.

    My model build year is, according to BMW, not supposed to have a combox. They are under the floor liner of the trunk in lots of cars. Other cars have them located in the side of the trunk and I believe also under the rear seat. If you lift your trunk liner and you don't see it then you might want to check with the google of where yours is located. So I decided I wanted to do it myself. A couple of things, you must absolutely be sure of what software your CIC is running.

    I was very fortunate in that my car's software had been updated almost every six months by BMW due to issues with the diesel. If you are beyond that you will need an FSC code, and more importantly someone who actually knows how to install an FSC code. An FSC code is basically a dealer issued registration key that this combox belongs in this car. This has nothing to do with telematics aka Bluetooth assist.

    If you are unsure of any of those things take your car to the dealer and ask one of the service techs to stick your key in their computer and tell you what software version you are at. There are a couple of people out there that can also tell you what software version you are at if you ask them nicely.

    I have no idea how they do that.

    iPhone & Android Integration for BMW

    I assume they are some how accessing BMW's files and looking up service records. They do seem to have some mad coding skills based on the things they can do and I am by no means trying to diss on them. I think for a lot of people that solution makes sense.

    I just happen to be more of a tinkerer. So apart from just personal satisfaction I also saved almost a grand. I now have BMW apps and connected drive on my computer including text messages in my iDrive. Build year on my combox was March I had Alex at alpinemss do the coding for me.

    He shipped me the cable and a USB and then connected remotely and he had it done in something like 10 minutes. He also coded some other fun stuff while he was at it. It literally took him 10 minutes. He did say he wouldn't have been able to do it if my software on my cic wasn't up to date. So you may find yourself paying someone to do this for you.Forums New posts. Garage New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews.

    Log in Register. New posts. Combox Install: the Coding part.

    If you had the compound 1 butene how many signals would you expect to see in the 1h nmr

    Thread starter rhodesman Start date Jan 30, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

    Mar 21, Maryland. The only hiccup I have at the moment is that I can't figure out where the CAN High and Low wires are that I should be tapping into, other than that, the install was a cake walk! I have an E88 and although I ended up disassembling the entire rear seat and ski-bag passthrough only to realize the passthrough was clipped into the trunk liner in such a way that I was afraid of breaking it since I couldn't find anything specific to the e88 in this regard.

    Again, it's tight, but totally doable without removing the truck liner that separates the trunk from the cabin. Okay, so the hard part of the install is now done!

    Onto the coding. Last edited: Jan 31, Oct 18, 8, AZ. Fantastic, this was the part I never got to do, I'm glad my guide helped you out and that my wiring charts were accurate even though I never got a chance to test it. The can low high is related to the bmw assist features in some way and most likely you can tap them into any can wires which tend to use the same colors and are found in many of the main wiring looms.

    Do you mind if I copy and paste this into my guide so it is complete? I assume these coding instructions will work for the other cars as well or should get someone in the ballpark.Remember Me? Lieutenant Colonel. The car started out with the USB and phone cradle and has individual hifi as well as voice control et al.

    The model of the combox is and its a bn could this be incorrect? I changed all the pins around and now its working in that the bluetooth hooks up and sounds great.

    Ive checked the usb at the combox itself and no power. Also the BMW live and internet comes up with a thing that says activate bluetooth data. With the help of dstrickland i "think" we managed to code a russian vin to my combox but i have no way to tell? What more do i need to do?

    Last edited by Ausiguy; at PM. Appreciate 0. Originally Posted by ptpending. Just to be clear all I want to do is control Spotify from iDrive. I've got the hardware just need to code it!

    You need the correct firmware for BMW apps, I believe it's c Should I revert to the old USB first without 6nr? So it seems that you need the better cic version c16 to have connected drive so now i have removed everything related to online from my VO and written a blank MAN to both the combox and cic. Ive attached my vo, my combox and cic trace. Attached Files removed all combox.

    Private First Class. I'll compare the TRC files with mine later and see what the differences are.

    e90 combox retrofit coding

    Will also check VO against mine. Originally Posted by Ausiguy. I had no power at the USB socket on the combox. I'm going to check the wiring tomorrow but if anybody can tell me what's connected on pin 11 MULF2 high it might be power for that hub. But I don't think so. When I put my mulf back in the USB in the armrest worked I measured the voltage on that pin 11 blue black wire and it was zero.

    e90 combox retrofit coding

    I earthed it with my combox in case it was that Last edited by iCstyle; at AM. Reason: corrected VO. Originally Posted by iCstyle. Well I'm one step closer to figuring this out. One of the guys here was generous with his time and to cut a long story short we ended up trying his combox in my car.

    The USB worked. The differences between the two have been narrowed to wiring and the fact his wasn't a telematic version.

    So either that fact makes a difference or I have a faulty combox.

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    Given that others have struggled with this beforehand managed to solve it I'm in two minds on what to do.Remember Me? Today I have tried to do a combox media retrofit but the bluetooth does not work. The USB in the centre armrest works so I am assuming the combox is working. Also add new age of Thank you. Appreciate 0. Originally Posted by Ed. Thank you for the reply. Is this the process to default it? Thank you, all working now. Wondering if someone could help me. I have a similar problem.

    Enlisted Member. My apologies for resurrecting an old thread. I have the same issue, no BT after retrofitting the combox. But still no BT. Any suggestions? So after countless reading these forums im kinda stuck. Then it says pairing completed. But on my phone it shows connected. I tried the iPhone 7s and tried my wife Samsung galaxy and was doing the same thing. What can this be? My cic is cic View post on imgur. Last edited by stylez; at PM.

    All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools.Hello guys. I'm based in the UK and I'm now the proud owner of an F10 d for two days now. I'm watching the LDA retrofit thread eagerly. I've already downloaded the necessary files for coding and intend to start very soon but I'm wondering if there have been any attempts to code in the 6NR option in a similar fashion to that offered by bimmer-tech? Once I'm up and running I'll be happy to help out where possible.

    Great effort so far, well done everyone! Hello grigz95 welcome aboard! I'm sure you will enjoy your new car as much as everyone else here and hope you will find the coding challenges both fun and rewarding.

    Maybe you will be the 6NR Pioneer? I installed the cable, which required removing the rear seat, front seats, center console and rear carpet I wanted my car to be the same a factory Unfortunately the 6nr kit is no available as a retrofit kit in the uk at present. I know this as I've just been to my local dealership and discussed it with the parts guy, he did mention that it may be available in the future but not at present.

    I guess my only option will be the aftermarket guys and I would require the fsc code. I'm not sure that it's worth it. For now I may have to put this on the back burner.

    I agree I have a hard time justifying that amount of money for BMW Apps I'm aware that the FSC code is now required. Are there any aftermarket routes to obtaining one of these? Thanks, I'm already enjoying the car alot. Thanks bimmerretrofit.

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    E90 combox retrofit coding

    You need to identify your car to check compatibility. Compatibility with this product can only be confirmed after entering your VIN.

    You can start by considering screen mirroring devices. In general these upgrades provide screen mirroring over WiFi. They let you screen share anything displayed on your smartphone while the sound is played through the BMW stereo the signal comes through an AUX port.

    Nikon z6 v fuji x t4

    Both of these products ensure that you have the BMW Bluetooth audio streaming option as well as the possibility to pair two devices over Bluetooth and play music from the phone through a USB cord. Please note that what comes in the Enhanced Bluetooth package depends entirely on the BMW model and the type of smartphone you have.

    If audio streaming is not the end of your BMW smartphone integration ambitions, there are more options to choose from. This is a unique retrofit that supports using Spotify, Google Maps, Messenger and other apps from your Android device on the iDrive screen. You need to identify your car to check compatibility Not compatible with your [[vincheck]] Compatible with your [[vincheck]] Compatibility with this product can only be confirmed after entering your VIN.

    Average Rating. Combox Media PnP Retrofit. BMW Apps Retrofit. AUX Port. Compatible with:.I really didn't want to give up BMW assist because I use the concierge function all the time and Patryk was able to get me a combox telematics unit that allowed me to keep BMW assist working perfectly!

    The combox telematic requires the dealer to activate it on the BMW network, and the guy at the parts counter of my local dealer did this no questions asked. Patryk has a colleague Men who does the programming remotely for him they are in Poland but had no problem programming my car over the internet, and the USB to OBDII cable was included The combox upgrade is awesome.

    All of my BMW assist functions work perfectly including concierge and google live search. It is a completely perfect factory retrofit. If you want a combox but don't care about BMW assist, then you can install the Combox Media unit which is a bit cheaper and doesn't require the dealer to activate it.

    If you want to keep BMW Assist you'll need to get the Combox Telematic unit and have it activated by the dealer you just give them a number off the side of the Combox and they update your BMW Assist account. I am very pleased with Bimmer-Tech. I was a bit worried dealing with someone overseas, but Patryk and Men were amazing to work with. Patryk answered all my emails and sent me exactly what I needed and Men spent a lot of time setting everything up remotely it was well past midnight Poland time when we finished.

    Shipping was free and took only a few weeks and the combox was brand new and factory sealed manufactured in !!! They even threw in a few coding hacks for me speed indicator, 8 memory buttons, no start up or seatbelt warnings, etc Thanks Patryk and Men!!! I don't think its fair to Patryk to post what I paid. The Bimmer-tech website has all the prices listed for the various upgrades they offer. It may vary a bit depending on your year and what factory features are installed but what I paid was right in line with what is posted on the website.

    Did you get BMW Live? Are you still able to send addresses to your nav via google from say your laptop at home or work? Thanks, Jim. I did not have BMW Live or internet activated because I wanted the concierge feature to be able to send addresses to my car. This works great. As far as sending addresses to my car myself, I can do it through the BMW Remote iphone app which has google live search.Ever since, marketers have always speculated user engagement as a possible ranking factor.

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    e90 combox retrofit coding

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